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Crane Duplicating was the first to make Bound Galleys and short runs over 50 years ago. Crane's rich publishing history contains many historic industry firsts. Crane continues to maintain its leadership role. Crane manufactured the first Bound Galley, the first Short Run Book, and is the largest Bound Galley printer. Also, Crane was the first printer on the Internet, first with online quotes, and is well known in having the best customer service in the trade. Being an innovative leader for 50 years, tradition drives us in continuing to provide leadership into the future.

Crane's business is people serving its customers. Crane is dedicated to making its customers' printing experience the best it can be. Crane values its customers and views customer satisfaction as the key to Crane's continued success.

Crane likes to talk to customers and share ideas and experiences. From the most experienced to least experienced user of Bound Galleys, Crane is here to help. So let us know about your project.
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